Born in Bamako, Mali, Bafing Kul has forged his talent with the
Babemba orchestra. Very early on, he felt the suffering of the
world around him, especially he translated the suffering for
migrant girls, he sang « 52 Bamako » (1997) to denounce
domestic slavery. This was the start of a promising career. Little
by little he moves towards engaged music.
In 1998, he carried the torch of the fight against excision
through the single « demystification ». In 2002, he settled in
France where he collaborated with several associations active
in the Abolition of Sexual Mutilations.
In 2004, he released the album « YELEN » recorded between
Bamako, Paris and Abidjan. This one was nominated in 2012 in
the category « Best African Reggae Album » of the Reggae
The originality of the music of Bafing Kul is found in the mixture
of traditional rhythms of Mali with reggae sounds otherwise
called « Appolo Reggae ». He is a militant artist for Humanity,
with music as the only weapon against ignorance and

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